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Bedroom Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings

Best Selection of Wall Coverings


Wallpaper has had some drastic improvements over the recent years, and many people are choosing it over paint because of how easily it can introduce bold patterns and colors into any room!  It can now be installed in any area, including those that are usually too moist and it's incredibly easy to clean, something most customers with children appreciate!  We carry a wide selection of wallpaper's with various textures and patterns for you to choose from!

Looking to add to the décor of any room? Have you considered a custom wallpaper or wall covering? Shamrock Paint & Decorating Center carries a COMPLETE line of designs from leading manufacturers like:





Don’t know the direction you want to take for your room? DON’T WORRY! Shamrock Paint & Decorating Center has a Color Specialist and Licensed Interior Decorator on Staff to help you with all of your color and decorating needs!

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